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How to upload different file in one script

How to upload different file on each iteration?
I saw one post from
But I couldn't find how to replace the path with variable.

I know how to use variables for username/password, etc. When I click on the "..." on the right of source file, it pop up a window different than set variable for username/password.

I have attach the screenshot of clicking "..."


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Xiaozhi M.

Xiaozhi M.

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First of all, make sure to use the latest 5.1.xx version. Currently it's 5.1.2. Then look at the screen shot in attachment as example.

Create a NeoLoad variable that contains the list of the file name to upload and use it like in the example screen shot.

Update: In the last NeoLoad versions you should check that post here to upload different documents within your scripts.

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