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How to replay a set of Virtual Users randomly

I have defined 12 different virtual user profiles - each one takes a different path through my site.
I would like to define a population and scenario that delivers a constant load of, say, 5 users, picking one of my 12 VUs randomly each time a new user starts.

I have tried defining a population containing all 12 VUs and setting a constant load of 5 users - but the load generator picks 5 of the 12 and then just repeats those 5. I would like it to pick one of the 12 each time. How can I achieve that please?

Andrew L.
Andrew L.

Andrew L.

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When you define a population with your virtual user profiles, all the profiles will be used according to their percentage settings. So you can't put all your profiles inside the population to play them randomly.

The best would be to have random containers within your virtual user profiles in order to vary the path through your web site. If you look at the containers level you will see such option.

If you would like to keep your virtual user profiles as is, maybe you could create different populations that will be played sequentially. You can decide to start a population when the previous one is finished.

For more details you can look at the NeoLoad documentation here