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Unable to handle UUID when we are calling one more Database.

We have an application having different kinds of functionalities. One of the functionality is reports, And this reports are there in One more DB and we integrated with our application. So we are facing assertion failed issue for all the request of the reports. with message as UUID or UUID_1 extraction failed. Need urgent help..

Rajiv J.
Rajiv J.

Rajiv J.

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The UUID extraction error seems to be a consequence of another issue and not the root cause.

If you look at your user validation result, you can see that there's 95% difference between the response from recording and validation. That means that the server did not send the expected response.

Usually it's because of an issue in your script probably related to dynamic parameters that were not handled.

I would suggest you to compare the request sent during validation and recording and you should be able to figure out if you are still sending static values whereas it should be a dynamic one.

To ease the search of dynamic parameters you could record again the same exact transactions and compared the recorded requests from both recordings. If you see same parameter name but different values then it's probably a dynamic value that you have to correlate using a variable extractor.