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How to stimulate Stimulate different geographic locations??

Hi Guys
I am new to Neoload. I have a requirement to stimulate Different Geographic locations through neoload.

The use case for this is : A User for example in x or y location will be uploading a file through a web portal.

Any suggestions on this will be great help .

Many Thanks

Bharathi R.
Bharathi R.

Bharathi R.

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If you would like to simulate users from different locations you need to install a remote load generator per location.

Then in NeoLoad under the Runtime section, discover your load generators and select them for your test.

Make sure to add your LG's on different zones so you can filter your test result per zone and then you will be able to compare the statistics between the different geographical locations.

If you can't use your own load generators you should consider the Neotys Cloud platform where you can start Load Generators from multiple geographical locations.

For more information i would suggest you to look at the NeoLoad documentation here