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Replay issue with the https websphere application?

We have a web(https) application installed on IBM WAS and Tomcat.
Websphere version:
I could record the homepage of IBM WAS7 version of the application using Neoload, however replay fails throwing NL-Network-01 error
Error details: ": Remote host closed connection during handshake"
Tomcat Version: No issues with record/replay using Neoload.

I tried using but still unable to replay for WAS version of application

Is there any setting to be modified or changed?

Kiran V.
Kiran V.

Kiran V.

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The issue is related to the NPN extension used by the Load generator when replaying. It is not used during the recording so it explains why the recording is working fine.

You can disable it in the <install_dir>\conf\ file. Remove the option "-Xbootclasspath/p:lib/npn-boot-1.1.7.v20140316.jar" and restart NeoLoad.

That should do the trick.

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