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Does Neoload support web socket testing ? Websocket working with desktop applications?

Working with a Microsoft Word add-in and we have found out that we are able to capture messages using websocket protocol. But the responses we receive are in Hex. Is there a workaround for this?

Daniel L.
Daniel L.

Daniel L.

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NeoLoad does support Websocket testing. The WebSocket content can be text or binary like any common application. In your case it's binary. There's a functionnality in NeoLoad to handle custom data format.

But you would need the specification of the binary data exchanged by your Microsoft add-on and the server. Then using JAVA code in NeoLoad you could convert the binary content in a readable format.

This is the link from the NeoLoad documentation here

If you do not have the specification of that binary content you won't be able to manipluate it.