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Problem with Oracle forms recording

Trying to perform recording of Oracle Forms based application. Perform needed setup on Oracle Application server side and see "record=names" in 1:initial_version INITIAL_CMDLINE value. The problem is that during checking virtual user, the system freeze on user/password stage and not going forward. Looks like recorder can't detect click on "login button" and freeze on stage user name/password type.
Screenshot shows stage where check freeze.
Can you help to understand where is the problem?

Evgeniy K.
Evgeniy K.

Evgeniy K.

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The error that we get in the user validation may only be a consequence of previous errors. I would suggest you to look at the previous server responses to make sure that they are almost the same compared to the recording.

Have you handled the dynamic parameters prior to the Oracle forms requests? There are always dynamic parameters to handle before the Oracle forms in such application.

That might explain the issue with the login.