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Test Stop Error


I have several scripts for test execution and I have set when out of values stop the test for each of the script variables.
When I run the test if One script goes out of value the whole test is stopped. I do not want to stop the test if the value are out for one script I want to continue the test for other scripts. How do I do this.


Rohan S.
Rohan S.

Rohan S.

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It works as design. Like said the variable will stop the test when it run out of values. Stopping only one particular profile does not seem easy. For example, if your user profile belongs to a population with other user profiles with a specific percentage, not running that profile will change all your setup regarding your population settings. 

That's why stopping the test makes more sense. But if you really think that it makes sense to you then you can open an idea in the community web site.