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Why are my test results blank at the end of a test?

Using 5.0.3 and running a simple test, the test results page is blank after the test. So is the exported Wor, PDF, and HTML:. Is this a known issue?

Scott M.
Scott M.

Scott M.

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There's a known issue when you upgrade NeoLoad from 5.0.2/5.0.1 to 5.0.3. If it's what you did, please download the full 5.0.3 installer from Neotys web site  and install it on a different folder.

Then for your current test result, go to <NeoLoad_projects>\results\result_<ID> and remove the summary folder.

Open again your project and your test summary should be re-generated.

That upgrade issue will be fixed with patch 5.0.4 that will be available soon.


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