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NeoLoad not recording any scripts

I installed trial version of NeoLoad for evaluation purpose by uploading the free licence key. I Started recording a scenario, once it is comepleted i come back to the tool and see that there are no scripts displayed. Am i missing something?

Suraj M.
Suraj M.

Suraj M.

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When you start a NeoLoad recording by starting the browser from NeoLoad, you should see in the proxy section of your browser "localhost:8090" which is the NeoLoad proxy.

So first thing to check is if NeoLoad was able to modify your browser settings. Otherwise you can try to do it manually and see if something is recorded then.

To do so, manually start your browser, change the proxy settings to "localhost:8090" and then start a NeoLoad recording without starting the browser.

Connect to any URL's and see if something is recorded.