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Close session after iteration

Hi there,

I recorded a test scenario and everytime I run ths scenario with 1 user and 2 iterations I get an error during the second iteration.

At the beginning of the scenario the server sets a cooki "JSESSIONID" by "Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=...." in response. This cookie expires when the session ends.

All following request have the JSESSIOnID as cookie in their request.

If I start Neload with 1 user and two iterations, the first ietration is allright. I think a new JESSIONID is used and everything works fine.
At the second iteration errors are coming up. I think this is, because the same JSESSIONID is used durinf second iteration.

How can I force NeoLoad to use a new JSESSIONID?

Best regards!

Roland D.
Roland D.

Roland D.

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