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Silverlight 5.1: Post request XML structure so different from manual event that it fail to work in Neoload.

The design of the system:
The test system have a button to create/open another page that enable the user to capture personal details.
If the user should navigate away midway during the process of entering their personal details the system will create a record for the user to return to at a later stage.

The problem:
When performing the process mentioned above manual(not using Neoload) and then return to the record the form display correct with all previously completed values.

But, when running the process mentioned above via Neoload, when viewing the page, it is completely black(no controls or input fields are visible).

We noticed the post request in each instance, manual vs Neoload, are different.

Manual XML post request state the following:
<CLIENT RootReqID="a9b10896-fe89-..."><SID SID="384844cb-47ff-..."/><PIID PIID="156d0ad5-07c5-..."/><CR DK="FWK_DATA"><CS><C CT="A" OT="ProfGenerationRun" P="O[@ID='ProfGenerationRun']" /></CS></CR></CLIENT>

Neoload XML post request state the following:
&lt;CLIENT RootReqID=&quot;a9b10896-fe89-...&quot;&gt;&lt;SID SID=&quot;384844cb-47ff-...&quot;/&gt;&lt;PIID PIID=&quot;156d0ad5-07c5-...&quot;/&gt;&lt;CR DK=&quot;FWK_DATA&quot;&gt;&lt;CS&gt;&lt;C CT=&quot;A&quot; OT=&quot;ProfGenerationRun&quot; P=&quot;O[@ID=&apos;ProfGenerationRun&apos;]&quot; /&gt;&lt;/CS&gt;&lt;/CR&gt;&lt;/CLIENT&gt;

The Question:
Did anyone experience something like this where the Silverlight pages of the data generated when using Neoload are not rendered correctly?

Help much appreciated.

Nicolaas K.
Nicolaas K.

Nicolaas K.

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