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design-recording-after launching the client when entered my web app url with HTTPS getting error

Started the recording, launched browser (chrome/firefox), entered the URL which starts with HTTPS, i got the error on browser as ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR, please help me.

manohar K.
manohar K.

manohar K.

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That error seems a little bit too generic to conclude anything. This is a list of check that you can use:


  • Make sure that the NeoLoad certificate is loaded in your browser. See NeoLoad documentation here.
  • If you use a client certificate to connect to your application, load it in NeoLoad. See documentation here.
  • Check the SSL version used by your application. Without NeoLoad, you can use chrome and see the SSL version needed.
    Depending on the SSL version, you can modify the <NeoLoad_install_dir>\conf\controller.properties file accordingly. See [General] section. Restart NeoLoad after any modifications.
  • NeoLoad uses JRE 1.7.xx version. SNI extension is disabled by default. With some servers, it is needed. Edit <NeoLoad_install_dir>\bin\NeoLoadGUI.vmoptions and switch the SNI option from "false" to "true". Restart NeoLoad and try again.


I hope that all these information will help you to fix your issue.