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1. what option on setup? 2. how to start NeoLod?

1. On setup, 3 options were there. 1) Controller 2) Load Generator Agent 3)Monitoring Agent, should I install with 1) or 2), I'll test traffic with http/websocket.

2. how can I start this program?
what is the command on Mac? is it LoadGeneratorAgent? or LoadGeneratorAgentService ? what is the cmd word? It's not getting started.

Sophie C.
Sophie C.

Sophie C.

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Dear Sophie,

1. On the installer side:

  • "Controller" to design and run tests, it includes a Load Generator and a Monitoring Agent. This is the mandatory component that should be installed first. Others are optional.
  • "Load Generator" to install an additional Load Generator to generate more load.
  • "Monitoring Agent" to deploy a monitoring agent in a sub-network if there's a firewall between the Controller and the monitored servers (CPU, memory, database...)

2. the launcher is <neoload install>/bin/NeoLoadGUI.exe