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How to send test results in nlweb on website with Jenkins?

I'm trying to send results of a test (started with Jenkins) on NeoLoad Web on site.
I already followed the steps of another topic but who was on SaaS. I don't know if a parameter exists to change the default nlweb url in Jenkins.
It worked fine when I launched the test directly with the GUI.

You only need to add those parameters to export to your NeoLoad Web on-premise version: -nlweb -nlwebAPIURL <YOUR_URL> -nlwebToken <YOUR_TOKEN>

So basically the first parameter enables the export to NeoLoad Web, the second is to provide the URL of your NeoLoad using the API port (default is 8080) and not the frontend port which is 80 by default. And finally the last parameter is the token from your NeoLoad Web under your profile.

This has to be configured as extra command line options in your NeoLoad Jenkins plugin setup.

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