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What protocols and ports is used between NeoSense server and the Locations?

I'm used to NeoLoad architecture and i know that NeoLoad controller uses TCP ports to communicate with the Load Generators? What about NeoSense server and the Locations?

NeoSense allows you to monitor an application in production. That application could be located on the Internet or in your own network.

NeoSense can also be installed on the Internet to monitor an external production site or installed on your own network.

Since the monitoring is done by remote locations, NeoSense needs to easily communicate with these locations installed on your network or in the Internet.

That’s why the communication between NeoSense and the locations is done using HTTP protocol.

If needed, you can configure a proxy in NeoSense so it can communicate with the locations using that proxy.

For more information, see "Proxy settings" section in NeoSense documentation.

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