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Authentication Error while recording mobile native application

I was able to record a native mobile https application using proxy mode thereby installing the DoNotTrust certificate in the android mobile device. Unfortunately I see the recorded response as 401-Unauthorized , however page navigation was successful in the android device while recording. THe same errors were spotted on the playback.
Why the response captured in NeoLoad was 401 Unauthorized eventhough was able to record all the flows with all pages rendered perfectly in the mobile device.

Ajay K.
Ajay K.

Ajay K.

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At HTTP level, it's part of the normal authentication process to get 401 requests. For example, when using Windows NTML authentication, there's two 401 received before getting the final content.

These 401 requests may be hidden in NeoLoad according to the authorization method.

So, a 401 response is an issue only if all your requests get a 401 answer after the authentication. If the returned content is valid then the authentication was OK.

You can check the returned content with the Check VU dialog.