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Unable to Proceed/Complete the Payment Transaction

After recording when I run the application, able to register my project info & new project ID is generated but payment transaction is not able to proceed.and no error is generated.​​In HTML rendering displayed is "{"status":"error","message":"Enter either project ID or project access ID"}" and In Recorded HTML Rendering displayed is "{"status":"success","url":"http:\/\/xxxxxx.com\/payment\/confirm\/project\/1XXXXXXXX4\/Payment order#","message":"OK"}"

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When you record an application and especially transactions related to an e-commerce, the script wll contain several ID's that were generated by your appliction specific to your transaction.

Those ID's are only valid when you have recorded your script and they cannot be re-used as is.

That is to say that the server probably sent the values that should be re-used. This is what we call dynamic parameters. They have to be correlated.

If your payment transaction did not succeed even without HTTP error, it probably means that you still used recorded values whereas you should have used new values coming from the server.

To identify those values, the best is to record twice the exact same transactions and then compare the same request parameters from these two recordings. 

If you see parameters values that are different between the two recordings then it probably means that they are dynamics. You have to correlate them.

I would suggest you to look at the NeoLoad documentation to see how to do that using a variable extractor.

Here is the link from NeoLoad documentation here