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Can't start the Load Generator localhost ?

2014/10/22 10:59:01 WARN - neoload.Runtime: Can't start the Load Generator localhost Failed to start Load Generator on localhost. The Load Generator process has been created but has not registered after waiting delay (key "lg.start.delay" in : an error occured while communicating with 'localhost'
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

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I can see a CLASSPATH set in your environment. Could you unset it or change the name and then try to run again a user validation?

It can be done in the System Properties like shown in the screen shot in attachment.


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Make sure there is no firewall or antivirus application enabled.

If you could attached a zip copy of the Neoload logs folder, perhaps there is more info there (Help > open logs folder).

There's no bug related to that issue. This error only means that the Load generator did not start or took too much time. The root cause can be an anti-virus or a slow machine with not enough RAM.

Open your task manager and start a user validation. You should see a "java.exe" process that is starting. If it's not the case then you may have a firewall that blocks it.

What is your machine setup?

Ok that means that either something is blocking the LG process to start or there's a memory issue when the JVM is starting. Your machine setup seems to indicate that it's not a memory issue.

Could you provide a zip of the NeoLoad logs folder right after reproducing the issue? You can get the logs from the menu "Help-->Open logs folder".


I reviewed the log files. And the issue might be related to another JAVA tool that is installed on your machine. Do you have any other JAVA programs like Eclipse or others?

Could you open a command prompt, run the "set" command in your NeoLoad machine and provide me the output?