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How to share a single injector to two controller machines having shared license

We are using shared licence on 2 controller machines using 2 injectors. Need to know whether there is any setting so that we can use same injectors by two controller workbench at the same time during a test. As of now we get an error that the injector is being currently busy.
Reason for this query is the injector which we are using are of very high capacity and we want to use simultaneously by 2 or more test executions.

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This is an uncommon scenario as most setups are one Controller communicates with one Load generator (injectors). You want 2 different controllers to point and use one Load Generator.

Right up front, the obvious problem is that there is only one LG agent running on a specific port (7100). Once the LG process is started for a load test, it runs on this default port, and will not listen to other calls from other controllers.

So, normally, only one controller can use a Load generator at a time.

Theoretically, you could configure another installation of an LG (configured to install in a different local path) to be on the system. Then, you can configure the Agent Service to use a different port, so they can both be started simultaneously. LG A could use the default 7100, and LG B could be configured to use a different port to avoid any conflict, and allow it to be run at the same time (maybe 7300, for example). Here is a link to do this once installed:


So, Controller A would use LG A on port 7100 (default)
And, Controller B would use LG B on port 7300 (same system, but different port config)

You would have to change the port config on the Controller as well as LG B's installation, according to the document above.