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NeoLoad - Issue with Ajax calls

I am recording ecommerce transaction for load test and want to pass static data all the time.
During the recording neoload records the static data that is passed during the ajax call. So no issue till then. and I can see the data in the test design.

But when I run the load test , e-commerce orders get created but all the static data like address etc that's getting added through ajax call is not passed by neoload.

Could you please help

Nitin N.
Nitin N.

Nitin N.

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Hi Nitin,

It's good you could see the static data in the test design. You've done the first step: finding which request sends the data. Now, use a variable (typically a CSV file or a SQL request) by using the menu "Edit / Variables" to declare your test data and then replace the static data by the variable. The picker (or completion) in request parameter will help you to insert with the good syntax (${MyCSVariable.columnA}).