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How to configure NeoLoad 5.0 installed on Windows 7 to enable the extension for SNI? Can't change NeoloadGUI.vmoptions.

How do I save changes to NeoloadGUI.vmoptions (in /bin) in a Windows 7 NeoLoad 5.0 installation? When I try to do so in a text editor (after first attempting to reset the read-only property to the folder), I get a Save failed modal that displays 'Please check if this file is opened in another program.' NeoLoad isn't currently running (unless there's some background process). Isn't there a way to edit the configuration through the NeoLoad UI? I need to change the setting for the Djsse.enableSNIExtension switch to true. Please advise. Thanks.

Frank D.
Frank D.

Frank D.

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If NeoLoad is stopped (check in the task manager that you do not have a NeoLoadGUI.exe process running for all users if applied) and you still have that permission issue then it means that it's not from NeoLoad but a settings on your OS.

You should be able to copy the file and modify it, then replace the original file by your modified file.