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How to analyze the result?

First of all, Thanks to Neotys team for this product.
It is easy to configure the performance criteria and other constraints.

I have created my test results, but want to make sure the following things:
1. How to compare my results against a well performing system
2. I have received 13% of Error rate. And I have tried with another Performance tool before and i didnt receive this type of errors. Could you give any suggestion for this
3. I have to make sure my application is performing well or not to my client team to proceed further of this product.
4. Also let's know what are the key point do we need to take for an application performance testing

I have attached with my Test Results for you reference, could have a look on that and let's know a way to proceed further.

kartheeswaran R.
kartheeswaran R.

kartheeswaran R.

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The error rate of your test is high. Looking at the error types, it seems to be functional errors like errors on application side or in your scripts.

If you were able to run a test with less users without errors then the issue is more on application side otherwise you should check your scripts or input data that you used.

It seems that you had errors on login page. You should make sure that it's an issue with your script configuration. Also you should configure your users to stop or jump to the next iteration in case of errors/assertions errors to avoid subsequent errors that will be consequences.

Quick tips: if your 404 already happened during the recording, you can configure NeoLoad to not raise any errors for them.

Look in the NeoLoad documentation here


Regarding key points in load testing i would suggest you to look at the User guides in  NeoLoad documentation here