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Does Neoload Web store test execution results?

I'm looking into upgrading to Neoload professional from the standard version for my client. One of the bottlenecks we're facing is that while one tester is running a test on our controller, our senior resources would like to analyze results from previous tests. Being unable to access the report due to the tester running a test for another project. Would Neoload Web allow for one resource to gather, analyze and report a test which has already been ran while another tester is using the Controller to run a test?

Andrew V.
Andrew V.

Andrew V.

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Yes, Neoload Web stores execution results online, so while the test is running, any user with a NLWeb login can view results. That said, the standard licence is pitched at the lone tester, the professional supports collaboration, so the senior resource could check out results and review them while the execution machine checks out the project, executes the test and then checks in the latest result

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