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Can I run the free edition on a Mac (using BSD?)

I have Macs (OSX 10.6,10.7,10.8,10.9) all of which are based on BSD Unix. Can I install and run the free edition?

I've downloaded the 64 bit unix edition, which gives me a 251 Mb .sh program. I been able to change permissions to 744 and run the script, but it terminates with " line 482: /Users/frank/Downloads/neoload_5_0_0_linux_x64.sh.39824.dir/jre/bin/java: cannot execute binary file". I have limited Unix knowlege. Help appreciated.



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NeoLoad is not supported on Mac OS systems but since it's a JAVA program it can work.

The Unix edition does not contain any JRE embedded. But it seems that you've downloaded the Linux version that is not the right one for your platform. Please download the Unix version instead.

Then you have to install your own JDK in your Mac OS and make sure to install this exact version: 1.7.0_55

Then in a console and before launching the installer, set this variable to point to your JDK install:

export INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME=<path_to_your_JRE>


For example:

export INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk_1.7.0_55/jre

That should start the installer.


You will have to perform a post-installation task like copying your entire jre folder under your NeoLoad root installation folder since NeoLoad expects to find the java program under <install_dir>\jre\bin\java