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I am finding lot of Alerts, as windows/tcpv4/%segments retransmitted. Please let me know possible solution to fix.

Windows/tcpv4/% segments retransmission Alert is found while executing any of the scenarios. Please let me know the solution to fix it and possible reasons why these alerts occur.

Vikram N.
Vikram N.

Vikram N.

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Having retransmitted segments is perfectly normal. It's more the amount of this error that is an issue.So if the percentage is very high (like 20%) then you may have an issue on your network connection between the Load Generator and your server.

That means one or the other did not acknoledge TCP packets and so the packets was retransmitted.

It may happen on poor connections like with mobile connection or ADSL connection.

You should check with your network team to get more details.