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Issue when recording in tunnel mode

We trying out Neoload to record a mobile native application using tunnel mode.

But when enable the tunnel mode to detect the IP address of the Neoload Controller, Neoload is unable to detect the server.

Please advise.

Howe Cheong L.
Howe Cheong L.

Howe Cheong L.

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First of all, the detection of the servers is not mandatory if you already know which servers are involved. In that case you can manually create them in NeoLoad with the right settings like port and DNS name.

Now when you are starting the detection of the servers in tunnel mode, make sure to restart your mobile device first in order to clean the DNS cache.

For troubleshooting, have you tried to use your mobile browser and see if some servers are detected? The goal is to validate the connection between your mobile and NeoLoad.