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I would like to change the DNS settings of your Cloud Load Generators by modifying the hosts file. Is it possible?

I need to change the hosts file of the Load Generators to force the name resolution to  specific IP's but I don't see any options like that when I create my Cloud session. Is it doable?

When you create your Cloud session, you define the number of Load Generators, the type of machine (Medium or Large size), the location of your Load generators, the duration of your session and if you would like to get the IP addresses of your Load generators in advance.

However, the modification of the host file is not possible when you create or reserve your session through the customer area or directly from NeoLoad.

It is only available when the session is already running. So if you would like to modify the hosts file of the Load generators, you have to first start your session and go back in the customer area to edit your Cloud session.

When editing your Cloud session, you will have an option to also edit the hosts file of all your Load generators.

If you would like to have different settings in your hosts file for different Load Generators, you will have to create multiple Cloud sessions.


For more information, see “NeoLoad Cloud testing” under “Runtime” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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