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I would like to use a proxy .pac file stored on my local disk with NeoLoad.

I tried to provide the path of the .pac file but NeoLoad is not using it. Is it possible to use such configuration in NeoLoad?

There are multiple configurations possible for the proxy in NeoLoad. You can use a proxy to reach Internet, your application or to connect to the team server.

Like in a browser, you can manually define your proxy or use a proxy .pac file. This .pac file can be retrieved by using an HTTP URL or by pointing to a file located on your local hard drive.

In that case, the suitable syntax  is the following depending on your system:

  • On Windows, you have to use that syntax: file:///c://mypath/proxy.pac
  • On Unix, you have to use that syntax: file:///home/mypath/proxy.pac


For more information, see "Proxy" under "Preferences" section in Neoload documentation.

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