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Need to calculate load factor for Different regions load generator

Hi All,

I have situation here to design load test pattern,
Load Test pattern:-
we have 4 load generators across different regions
we have 3 scripts to run load test.
User load distribution is different across different regions and for each script.

Ex- Script 1 has Total 60 Users load
These 60 user load has to distribute across 4 regions LGS.
LG1- 30 users, LG2 - 20 Users, LG3 - 7, LG4 - 3

like wise
Script2 has total 20 Users and we need to distribute as
LG1 - 10, LG2 - 5, LG3 - 3, LG4 - 2

Script 3 has total 20 user load and need to distribute this as
LG1 - 10, LG2 - 6, LG3 - 3, LG4 - 1.

My question is :
Kindly help me to calculate the load factor for each load generators.
Do we have any formula to calculate the load factor?

Please find attached file for more details.

Please respond as quickly.

Thanks in advance,

Yathish K.
Yathish K.

Yathish K.

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