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WebResource AXD Files

During the recording of a .NET-based web-site, numerous webresource.axd files are referenced with an _# (_1, _2, _3, etc.) for the same webpage/request. I did not run through the process of looking for dynamic parameters at the conclusion of the recording process. When running the script, each webresource.axd file referenced generates an error.

As another test, I recorded a simple page that has webresource.axd files and went through the process that looks for dynamic parameters and substitutes them at the conclusion of the recording process. When this simple script runs, it does not generate errors. However, the d and t variables substituted always have the same value (when these values are normally different in the original recording where dynamic parameters were not substituted). Also, when running the script, the webresource.axd files report a 100% difference where they are pulling data back.

As a final test, I tried replacing dynamic parameters through my original recorded script (which NeoLoad supports). This took a very long time (e.g. 20 minutes) and substituted the webresource.axd d and t variables. It also substituted a parameter on one our web pages (worklist.aspx basket variable). When I play this script back, it no longer works. It fails to find an item (row) on the worklist page.

What is the correct way to record webresource.axd files?

If I substitute for dynamic parameters, is there a way to only substitute the d and t parameters associated with the webresource.axd files?

Is this substitution correct? Shouldn’t the d parameter be unique for each occurrence of a webresource.axd file on a page?

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