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Does the linux OS monitor support 'Oracle Linux' ?

Does the linux OS monitor support 'Oracle Linux' ?

I'm looking to recommend Neoload for a customer, but they're running Oracle Linux, will the monitor agent run as expected?

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There's two aspects in your question.

  1. Linux OS monitor support for 'Oracle Linux'
  2. Monitoring agent on 'Oracle Linux'

The monitoring agent does not have to be installed on the machine you would like to monitor.

That being said, NeoLoad had never been tested on Oracle Linux and it's the case for the Controller, LG or monitoring Agent.

Nevertheless, Oracle Linux is based on RHEL versions and it seems compatible with RHEL certified applications.

So i don't see any reason for the monitoring agent to not work on that environment or to not have the necessary tools so it can be monitored.

For your information, this is the list of commands that can be used by NeoLoad to monitor a Linux machine: top, vmstat, /proc/meminfo, iostat, netstat