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Copying NLP and Support files for use by another Virtual Directory

I have an NLP project and associated directories used to test a website at a given virtual directory (epower80). I have copied the supporting directory of the NLP to a new location with a slightly different name relevant to our release number (now epower82). I want that copied project to reference a new virtual directory of epower82. I have tried doing a global replace of the value epower80 to epower82 but only half of the project is modified. Many of those unchanged values I can't seem to change even by hand. FYI, I did a "Search in the requests definition globally" search.
See attached file.

Don B.
Don B.

Don B.

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Try to change the Request Type drop-down to "use manual definition", then change the node, and then put it back to "Follow the redirect of the previous request"

Let us know if that helps.