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What does Neoload interpret as an error?

I am running a load test against an estore and during the test I shutdown communications on the store. Neoload did not report any errors. I want to configure Neoload to report any HTTP response with the word "error" in it as an error. Can I do this?

Also I want to see the content of all HTTP request and responses. I have enabled debug but cannot see where to examine these.

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NeoLoad will raise an error when the HTTP status code is in error like 404, 500 etc...but sometimes applications can still respond with an HTTP status code 200 OK even if the content of the response is an error.

To handle that situation, you can create a validation on your request to validate the content by for example searching for "error" in the content response.

Go in the Design section, select your request and click on the "Validation" button next to the  "Advanced" button.

For more information see our documenation here: Validation

Regarding the debug mode, when you start your test with the "buggy" icon, you will get the debug information in the Results section, debug tab.

For more information see our documentation: Debug mode