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Mobile Application - please list several emulators for iphone and android and provide setup instructions

I need to get a basic idea how to set up an emulator for iphone and android and how to record a script using NeoLoad. Ditto, for real devices. I believe that you went thru a testing stage for your new 4.1.1 release and have sufficient expertise in this matter. Detailed instructions will be greatly appreciated.

Mohanram G.
Mohanram G.

Mohanram G.

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This is rather a daunting question, as it requires many details. We do extensively detail how to record from a web application using a physical device in our new documentation:



We have implemented for consultation on how to use an emulator for the Android SDK bundle. It is not exactly a simple setup, depending on your requirements. I will research some possible steps for this platform that you might be able to follow.