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We moved our web server to SPDY protocol? Is it supported by NeoLoad?

We would like to compare the performance of our web site when it uses HTTP only and when it uses SPDY. Does NeoLoad support SPDY protocol?

The web applications are more and more heavy and so the page takes more time to load in the browser.
SPDY protocol will try to reduce that web page load time by doing multiplexing, compression and prioritization of the data exchanged between the browser and the server.

SPDY does not modify the HTTP protocol but only modifies the way the data is sent over the wire. So, it does not change anything in applications that are already deployed.

Since NeoLoad 4.1, SPDY protocol is supported, especially for the replaying. You just have to configure your virtual user to use that protocol or not. You can also mix HTTP only users with SPDY users.

For more information, see “Design” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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