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Is it possible to aggregate several reports to one combined result?

We have a test system where we monitor our server by running Neoload once per hour for a longer time. This way we get one report per hour, but we'd like to get one combined report. Is it possible?

Risto K.
Risto K.

Risto K.

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Currently, Neoload can only compare two different reports and so combine the data.

We have an open idea that asks for a way to compare more than 2 reports here: compare test result


Feel free to vote or comment that idea.


In your case, correct me if i'm wrong, it seems that you would like to get the statistics trends based on all your reports? So you can quickly see the evolution of your counters for a longer period.


You can create a new idea so our developers can take into account your needs for the future NeoLoad versions.