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Actions are empty

I have recorded bunch of transactions and grouped them by adding containers. Script was executed few time and everyhitng was fine. After few days, I have opened the project and found that most of the containers are empty!

Not sure what caused the issue and like to know the cause and how to recover the lost or missing transactions.

Venkata K.
Venkata K.

Venkata K.

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When you say most of the containers are empty, do you mean that some of them still have some pages/requests or everything is gone even the virtual users?

It might be possible that everything disappear but it will be quite strange that only few elements are vanished.

Have you really opened the right project and not a backup that is not in sync with your last update?

You can check the NeoLoad log files to see if there's some relevant information. They can be accessed through menu "Help-->Open logs folder..."


Otherwise, you can still recover an old configuration for your project in two different manner:

  1. In your project folder, NeoLoad stored some backup of your configuration. It's the file named "{date}.bak"
    Just rename the most recent one to "" and replace your existing one

  2. NeoLoad keeps a backup of your configuration each time your run a test. So go into your latest test folder and copy the "" file.

    • Open and edit that copy in order to remove inside the file "project.xml".
    • Rename that copy to ""
    • Move that file into your project root folder.


I hope that it will help you.


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