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Neoload stuck in stopping state

I am executing a neoload test in non GUI mode it stuck in the stopping state and observed 1 user is stuck and not closed . even in GUI sometimes user stuck after the test and we need to explicitly kill the user. but in non gui mode we do not have option to kill . what could be the reason and how can we fix it

Saurabh T.
Saurabh T.

Saurabh T.

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Well it's difficult to tell what the root cause of your issue is but if you still have one user running and stuck it means that the controller is still waiting for that user to stop and obviously he won't.

The best would be to look at the controller and load generator log files live when it happens or after the test is you already killed it.

What is your NeoLoad version? Do you know if h2 protocol is involved in your user paths?