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How Are Browser Cache Settings Handled?

If I set the browser cache setting in the user path ACTION run-time setting to "NO", meaning I want to retain the browser cache between iterations - and then I set up a population with that script and the default for browser handling is "As recorded", does that mean it looks at the current setting in the user path run-time settings, or will it revert to the default AUTO since it was changed in the user path after initial recording? If I only change the setting in the User Path, will the Population setting override this and clear the cache instead so that I have to set it as returning user in both places?

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Scott M.

Scott M.

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Yes/No/Auto are slighyly different than as recorded, Yes wipes everything including cookies etc.

As recorded will download every resource you recorded, css, js, png, jpg, jars, etc. If you have it set to returning user, it assumes you will have some of the jars, css, etc and not download them everytime.

It's also worth mentioning this is when the test first starts. Even new user will build up a cache over time, it's just the first time we request everything