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Not able to correlated the cokiee?

Cookie: boptest2_ct=f6bcad080cee812baa6767fad6e7f58601d3411d; boptest2_SAMLart=MDGlZoYRSXK4F8rlja9mukpJ8lNdoVGvIbgW2dt7LJYVUmyZF4sE0SRN

Tring to correlated the following cookiee but not not able to correlated the first value -6b413a317fde835b60cd5473ffdfea5168338ecc coming in the request. HAve correlated the second value -MDGlZoYRSXK4F8rlja9mukpJ8lNdoVGvIbjf37UW9itlFiTbCejCZtxX

Working to create script for CORDYS BPM through web.
Kindly, help me

Rupesh K.
Rupesh K.

Rupesh K.

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Is Neoload not handling the Cookie automatically? Usually this is handled after the POST recording wizard runs. If you run a validation of your script, compare the two requests to see if the values are the same or different. What are they?

If you are trying to correlate them for some other reason, please explain.