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can i get a specific filter in neolaod web for my test values ?

i run my test script and i shared the data with neolaod to store them, so when i go to Values in dashboard to check it i have a problem which the description of the values are not sorted against init or action or end. they are sorted by the values for each transaction, you can see the attached image to better understand, i want to get my values sorted by init first then action and finaly then end .
also I want to know the transactions that are not executed in case of fail because I added a try catch to stop the scenario in the event of fail , how can i do that ?

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mohamed Y.

mohamed Y.

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If i understand correctly you are looking for a tree mode to display the user path transactions instead of the flat mode like you can have in NeoLoad GUI right?

This is not available yet but it will probably be added in the future in NeoLoad Web.