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Run a load test profile in absolute time?


I wish to run a 24 hr soak test which has the following daytime\nighttime profile:

Daytime profile of X users runs between 0600 and 1800.
A Nighttime profile of Y users runs between 1800 to 0600.

How do I configure Neoload to allows this test to run in absolute time?. For example if i kicked it off at 3pm it runs the Daytime profile of X users. Then at 1800, it switches over to the nighttime profile of Y users.

Hope this makes sense.

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There's no such settings in NeoLoad so you can run your tests based on the current time but only based on duration.

However you could maybe make it outside of NeoLoad. Let's say you create two populations each one including user path X and Y.

You create a scenario that includes your two populations. You configure your scenario by time duration. The load policy of your second population would be constant with 0 user.

If you start your test like that only population X is going to generate some VU's. Now outside of NeoLoad you could have an executable that can be triggered to start at 18:00.

This executable can contain a curl command that will execute a request against the NeoLoad Runtime API. Thanks to this API you can stop and start users. The idea is to stop your users from population X and then run another request to start your users for population Y.

It could even be done through another NeoLoad controller if needed started in command line.

For more details about the NeoLoad Runtime API please look at the NeoLoad documentation here