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Can a Microsoft SQL Server database monitor be configured to monitor only one of the databases on the SQL Server?

Is there any way to provide a specific database name for the Microsoft SQL Server monitor in NeoLoad? We have multiple databases on our Microsoft SQL Server, but only want to monitor the one database that is for the system under test.

Perfmon can take a database name as a delimiting parameter, such as: \SQLServer:Databases(database_name)\Active Transactions, so we hope that something similar can be done through NeoLoad


The perfmon counters on SQL Server are almost at the instance layer and some of them have a database name as delimiter. But NeoLoad is not able to only show you the one from your database.

You will have to manually do it so i suggest you to add an idea on our community so it can be studied for future NeoLoad versions.


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Unable to monitor microsoft database in neoload

"Access denied"

com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDHAccessDenied: PDH_ACCESS_DENIED
at com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDH.wrapException(PDH.java:187)
at com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDH.pdhEnumObjects(PDH.java:116)
at com.neotys.nl.me.a.hb.c(hb.java:547)
at com.neotys.nl.me.f.r(f.java:498)
at com.neotys.nl.me.f.b(f.java:229)
at com.neotys.nl.me.f.handleRequest(f.java:123)
at com.neotys.nl.common.net.AbstractConnection.handleRequest(AbstractConnection.java:87)
at com.neotys.nl.me.e.handleRequest(e.java:74)
at com.neotys.nl.common.net.BidirectionalConnection$RequestHandlerThread.run(BidirectionalConnection.java:248)