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How to check a specific request after changing waiting time


I wanted to ask if there's a way to check specific requests that are sent the most (or in my case im trying to check which request is being re-sent over and over to get a response back)?

In my tests Im changing my think times (wait times) to override think time of only 200ms (basically changing it from orignal times that were recorded by Neoload to 200ms), to observe the behavior for my tests. One thing I noticed in the results summary is that my total requests and total pages seem to have doubled in numbers when I changed the wait time to 200ms, and the only explanation I could come up with is, because I've set the times to 200ms the request is being resent over and over again until it gets a response (this would usually be delayed).

Is there a way I can check in my tests results which specific request could it be (I'm okay with any abnormal behavior on my request/response I just need to see which request is it).

I've tried to find it in the values tab in Results, by going over requests, pages and transactions but I was not able to locate any desired results.

Rizwan K.
Rizwan K.

Rizwan K.

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