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Authentication (SSO) issues, script does not run at all?

I've run into an issue that an recorded script does not replay at all. No Check User Path, no Run as Load Test.

I'm testing a site in https, the authentication ist entered in the servers part of NeoLoad.
Recording is fine and plausible, no issues here. Also my data seems correct.

But when replaying the script it cannot run a single request with authentification. It just stops at the request and stays there without any error message. (see attached screenshot)
If I add other requests before, they are replayed.

I could not find anything in the logs folder, or I don't know for what to search.

Did anyone experience something similar and got it fixed?

Using NeoLoad 7.2.3

Günter-Albert E.
Günter-Albert E.

Günter-Albert E.

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