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Howto use "New recording of" for SAP-Fiori Script-Update?

Hi all,
I want to use the UserPath maintenance mode to update my existing and running SAP-Fiori UserPath "A" after a patch on the SUT.
What is the best way to do that?

Because of the NL issue regarding content type identification (see also http://answers.neotys.com/questions/2246469-howto-replace-dynamic-parts-binary-post-request-content) I have to do the following steps to update the UserPath:

  • I do a "new recording of" the working SAP-Fiori UserPath "A" with the name "B"
  • at the end I walk through the wizard and finish it
  • in "B" I change the content type of identified binary content to "Text"
  • Save the NL project
  • on "A" I start the "Advanced -> Update with a recent ... and walk through the wizard
  • at the end I check the updated "A" and see that the content was not replaced by defined variables, BUT the variables in the header are still available

Please help me.

Niko M.
Niko M.

Niko M.

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