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How to assign the float licenses when the test run is to run in silent mode in CentOS (No GUI)

we plan to run the scenario in a silent mode i.e., from the command line on a CentOS machine.

The license that we have are currently floating license and i am looking for the option how to assign the floating license.

As per the documentation it has
neoload -project <file> -launch <scenario> [-options]

But i don't have the option of assigning the floating license.

Please help me out with the command line perspective.

Sanjeev K.
Sanjeev K.

Sanjeev K.

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If possible, try to load the Neoload GUI one time with the user that will run the Command Line version of Neoload. Reserve a license permanently (not per session). Then, the user will use that floating license reserved for the CLI version.