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How to configure Load Generator and Controller if they do not communicate with eachother ? (LG has red light beside it)

I have installed LGs on different machines within one domain. Few of those machines are working fine and rests are giving red light beside it saying that LG is not ready to be used.

I have already checked with my IT&T team to ensure that port 7100 and 7101 are open on firewall. They have confirmed that both ports are open on firewall.

I have also checked that both LG and LC are listening to port 7100 and 7101.

I am unable to resolve this issue to make those machines work as LGs on my project.

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Customer was able to resolve this issue with the following info:

"We have two Firewalls [1] Network Firewall and [2] Anti-Virus Firewall

Port 7100 and 7101 are not enabled in Anti-Virus Firewall that is why machines were unable to communicate to each other.

I tried disabling Anti-Virus Firewall (For Test) and it worked. All LGs are working fine now."

So, not only the network firewall should be checked for opened ports, but any application firewalls locally on the Controller and Load generator should be checked, such as Anti-virus or security software.

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