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How do I configure a load generator when using a firewall?

My network environment is very secure, and my IT guy needs to know what ports need to be open for the Neoload Controller and Neoload Load Generator to communicate. What can I tell him?

The controller and the load generators need to create a TCP connection to communicate. When the connection is possible the load generator will appear with a green light in the Neoload interface.

If you discover your load generator using auto-detect or by defining it manually, and it appears with a red light, the problem is usually a firewall.

To use a controller and load generator either side of a firewall, you need to open ports TCP 7100 and 7101 on the load generator's interface.

These connections are established in the controller to load generator direction. Opening these two ports is sufficient to allow you to use the remote generator.


Note: To be able to use NeoLoad Cloud Testing, the URL must be accessible from the controller.


For more information about the firewall configuration, see "Advanced installation" under Installation section in Neoload documentation.

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